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Introducing Programming Tools, Environments and Toys for Primary Tuition is a number of stand-alone workshops.

Each workshop focuses on practical tasks to support learning and technical skills acquisition with a particular programming environment or programmable "toy".

The workshops cover a range of educational environments and toys enabling teachers to use these teaching tools with confidence when incorporating them in their school's programme of study.

Workshop format

The delivery options are:

2 hour workshop
half day extended workshop

The workshop format is for 4 to 8 participants, delivered in school. Hosting school to provide equipment ready to use and refreshments etc.

Scope of Workshops

101 Introducing Espresso
102 Introducing Scratch
103 Introducing Logo
104 Introducing Kudo
201 Introducing Bee-Bots
202 Introducing Roamers
301 Introducing Raspberry Pi
302 Introducing Android (if required for Primary tuition)
303 Introducing iPhone (if required for Primary tuition)