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Computing Concepts for Primary Tuition is a series of six seminars or highly interactive presentations.

Each is entertaining and engaging in the form of images and diagrams with a supporting narrative and plenty of opportunity for questions (and answers!).

The series covers the essential concepts to build a foundation of computing knowledge to prepare teachers for the practical Introducing Programming Tools workshops and for delivery of the Learn As You Teach activity and project programme.

Seminar format

The delivery options are:

1 day course (all six seminars on the same day)
2 x half day sessions (three seminars per session)
3 x 2 hour after school (twilight) sessions (two seminars per session)

The seminar format is for 4 to 8 participants, delivered in school. Hosting school to provide refreshments etc.

Presentation format

The delivery options are:

half day "crash" course (is the seminars content squeezed into six presentions)
60 minute taster (a key points presention)
30 minute taster (a taster presention)

The presentation format is for any number of participants. The content is reduced from the full seminar format and similarly questions and answer opportunities are limited by the time available. Hosting school to provide refreshments etc.

Alternative venues

Computing Concepts can be delivered in an out of school setting. We can arrange venues including refreshments and lunch as required. Pricing would be per participant and is dependent on the venue.

Scope of Presentations

1 Chronology of ICT (a rough guide into Information and Communications Technology)
2 Computers (a fantastic voyage into Bits and Bytes)
3 Programming 1 (the Dark Ages)
4 Programming 2 (an Industrial Revolution)
5 The Internet (there and back again)
6 Environments and Applications (choosing to use or to make ICT)