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In addition to producing customised software and business system solutions, Paget's consultants have directly supported business critical operations for corporate clients. We have some hard earned technical experience and customer facing skills to offer.

Paget's consultants can perform any of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) functions and will come up to speed quickly to support your computer systems and business processes. Some examples:

Service Strategy

Paget's consultants have undertaken strategic reviews for clients in response to changing organisational objectives. In one case this led to an overhaul of the client's demand management and internal business relationship management. Usually the strategy development as closely associated with the need to replace or update a major system. Our consultancy is keenly aware that existing portfolio, financial management and governance will influence re-definition and progress towards strategic outcomes.

Service Design and Transition

Usually our clients' overall framework for service design is mature enabling us to work efficiently across various infrastructure functions and with suppliers to deliver updated or new systems. Our practical experience in service management, systems development and solution architecture can be invaluable to ensuring the seamless delivery of your service to your customers and thus achieve your business objectives.

Service Operation

Paget's consultants have provided the technical lead in busy service desk environments. In these roles we have managed major incidents from time to time. Some problems don't go away so easily and require detailed analysis and the ability to build longer term relationships with third party suppliers and customers to achieve robust solutions.

Continual Service Improvement

A sound understanding of the metrics is key to knowing where to improve and also to quantifying what the improved situation will be. Our consultants have provided analysis and produced spreadsheet models to represent complex capacity planning scenarios. These deal with metrics such as data volumes, numbers of transactions, processing and transmission times, processing and transmission costs. We have also analysed the financing of major IT operations and recommended revisions to transition processes to ensure effective forward control of such multi-M organisations.