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Paget has been involved in the production of customised software and business system solutions for many years. The focus has been on systems integration projects where mobile communications are a cornerstone of these systems. Paget consultants can add value at any stage of your software development. Some examples:

Specification and Design

The clear specification and practical design of systems is vital to their eventual success. Our consultant's analytical skills and attention to detail can be a determining factor in these early project stages.

Successful specification and design means gathering information quickly and involving the right people to analyse it. We can work with different departments and with people at all levels to ensure the right system is going to be produced. Paget consultant have experience of a number of different analytical methods and can lead sessions with end users and augment the work of your in-house team.

We can transform technical and process analysis and any proposed solutions into something more palatable for general consumption. Our routine reporting will assure you that the technical angles have been covered whilst not forcing you to trudge through all of it! We will enable you to make your business decisions with confidence.


Paget's implementation experience covers a fair range and a great depth of technical expertise including C, C++, Delphi, ASP, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and SQL on UNIX and MS Windows platforms. The principle underlying software engineering changes little from one language to another. As a result we can quickly become productive writing code in any programming language.

We have implemented communications interfaces with modems and GSM devices, with GPS devices, with message queuing systems, TCP/IP sockets and with real time systems. It is this understanding and effective use of APIs that enables Paget's engineers to efficiently produce software systems.

Software implementation is an engineering activity, although it is frequently a costly one. Companies are under pressure to cut costs and may employ relatively inexperienced staff as a result. If your in-house team needs an injection of expertise, we can transfer skills either by example or by mentoring their work in progress.


Having covered all aspects of implementing computer systems projects (not only those mentioned above), Paget consultants have a naturally agile approach balancing the quality mix of these factors:

  • Functional - deliver enough of the correct functionality
  • Efficient - ensure that the vital functions are fast enough
  • Resilient - anticipate failures and engineer appropriate system responses
  • Supportable - provide suitable quantity and quality of system diagnostics

Computer systems projects are always limited by time and resourcing. Paget Analyst Services can provide extra resources for your project. We can help your current team get IT right first time.