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Paget's consultants technical expertise and engineering skills are complemented by excellent interpersonal skills and organisational abilities. By combining these skills and abilities, we can add value to your computer systems development and operations by:

Interim management, supplier and client management

Transformational projects often require capacity and experience that are unavailable in your organisation. Paget's consultants can increase the capacity of your organisation when undertaking project work. We can augment your team enabling them to perform their normal operational duties and deliver the project.

During a project some of the team will be working for someone else! We can provide additional expertise when dealing with potentially one off suppliers and have management experience of certain corporate business partners.

When supplying our services, Paget consultants are conscious of the fact that they act in a professional capacity on your behalf. We will ensure that appropriate information is available to you at those times when decisions are to be made. At other times we will provide regular progress reports and are always able to offer additional explanations and information upon your request.

Managing your technical staff

It's hard to manage technical people if your technical experience is limited or if having "them" in your organisation happened by business necessity rather than by choice.  We can help you bridge the gap by offering supervision, understanding and motivation which will lead to improved performance.

We can also add value to your staff by transferring skills.  Not everyone can be an expert or "guru". However, Paget consultants can show your team how to be better engineers; to make best use of the resources and information that are readily available to them; and to weight this information appropriately when making technical decisions.